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Code of Conduct

Maine Harbor Master Code of Conduct

As Harbor Masters we will be guided by the highest standards of honor and personal integrity in our public activities in order to merit the respect of all. We will strive to inspire public confidence and trust in our office and our abilities.

  • We shall adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct avoiding the appearance of impropriety and any conflict of interest or use of our office for personal gain. We shall lead by example and hold ourselves to a high moral standard, always in compliance with the law.

  • We shall ensure that the rights of all persons are protected to the best of our ability. Our primary concern is for the safety of the boating public and preservation of property.

  • Honesty and tact shall guide all our interactions; we will enforce and administer the law courteously and appropriately without malice or ill will.

  • We shall manage the waters and facilities under our charge by providing safe, efficient, customer oriented environment and constantly look for ways to improve service to the public.

  • We shall strive to maintain the right of access to the waters of Maine, for all who wish to use it, without infringement of the rights of private property owners.

  • We will support those performing legal, waterborne commerce.

  • We are servants to our communities and when called upon in an emergency we shall respond without complaint or prejudice. All who need us shall receive assistance with equanimity and good faith.

  • We shall work with other marine agencies to better achieve our responsibility of service to the public, approaching our joint duties with a positive attitude and constructively support open communications, cooperation, creativity and dedication. 

The badge of Harbor Master is a symbol of our responsibility to serve in this capacity. We accept it as a public trust to be held as long as we are charged with these duties. We will dedicate ourselves to our chosen profession, that of “Harbor Master”.

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